Introducing David Eddy

Educational leaders are faced with multiple challenges to lead improvement across systems and in schools. My commitment is to provide leaders with support and challenge to help them lead exceptional systems, schools and teams. My particular background and experience in educational leadership can assist leaders to become better leaders.


By ‘better’ I mean outstanding leaders of teaching and learning, so that the children and young people for whom they are responsible are the ultimate winners.  By linking world class research findings to the realities of leading, I help educational leaders to become more effective and influential in their leadership of improvement.

SILENT LEADERSHIP: Leading in the age of distractions

Using silence in your daily leadership work and in life draws your attention inwards, by opening up your thoughts without distractions. This is when new solutions to pressing problems are uncovered, when new insights about challenging people and situations are revealed, and when you empower yourself to do what’s important for you. Silence is a powerful leadership tool. Use it! It won’t be long before you notice a difference.


Core Leadership Services


Powerful leadership learning in large or small groups, focussed on leading teaching and learning for value-added student outcomes.


Individual or leadership team performance-based coaching with critical feedback, to increase leadership influence and effectiveness.


Small groups of leaders who are open to learning about better ways to think about and design responses to real problems of practice.

Recent feedback



"I have never felt more engaged and enlightened in a seminar. Every word you said David had purpose and meaning. Thank you David, this was a true blessing in my life.."

New Principal, Parramatta - 2015

"When I think of an educator and leader who I look up to, your name invariably comes to mind. Thank you sincerely David for your wisdom and experience which you have shared with me over this past year"

Secondary School Principal, Auckland - 2017

What does leadership mean to David?


"Now is a time of real opportunity and amazing possibilities for school leaders. We know more than ever before that leaders in schools can powerfully and positively influence student outcomes. However, they need to know more precisely what works, why it works and how it works, to bring about desired improvement."

David's commitment to you



"My commitment is to support and challenge educational leaders to become exceptional leaders of teaching and learning for the further improvement of student outcomes in schools. By linking world class research findings to the realities of leading, I help leaders to become more effective and influential in their leadership of improvement."

I photographed the New Zealand scene at the top of this page and which later inspired my consultancy logo. It shows the native pohutukawa tree in flower at the bay where I lived until recently. Its starry crimson flower, the colours of the sea, sand and forest, has been incorporated into my consultancy logo.

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