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My work with school leaders, whether it’s a leader or a group of leaders, gives priority to their context and goals. Together we design and plan why we’re doing it, how we’ll do it and what we’ll do, . With a clear focus on leadership to address issues of equity and increase excellence, the outcome is better leadership to positively impact on student success.  While the focus is clear, the way I work with leaders is flexible – individual and team performance-based coaching; facilitated leadership learning groups; workshops; seminars and large conferences.  Below are examples of what I offer and customise to suit needs.  For more information, please use the Contact David form at the bottom of the page.

Leadership Seminars

and Workshops



Leadership Learning


Varying from a half day to several days, a seminar programme is carefully designed and planned in consultation with an education system, school or group of schools. A seminar is responsive to priorities, to help make progress with current teaching and learning priorities. Quality assured leadership research findings are linked to real problems of practice to help leaders identify and design effective responses. 

School-based and context-specific, either individual or a team, with a strong focus on leading teaching and learning for the further improvement of student outcomes. My coaching model is research-informed, performance-based coaching, which is a balance of feedback with coaching to increase leadership effectiveness. It provides critical inquiry and feedback to a leader or team about what they’re doing and intending to do, to arrive at best possible responses to their priority goals.

Skilled facilitation of a small group of school leaders, either from the same school or different schools. Each leader presents and shares a real problem of practice; the group then explores the problem and designs possible strategies for making progress. A research-informed, inquiry-based professional learning model is used, modelled and taught.

This is a school leadership team's work following their time with me to develop a shared team focus identifying their school's current teaching and learning priorities.  St Jerome's Primary School, Inner West Region, Punchbowl, Sydney Giuliana Batiatto (right, Curriculum Coordinator) with Sybil Dickens (left, Regional Consultant) show "St Jerome's Rocks". A visual presentation of the school's priorities shown as 'rocks', displayed in the staffroom to promote awareness & as a reminder to all staff.


Louise Moore, Principal, Sancta Maria College (Auckland) in a school-based leadership coaching session with David Eddy.  

Coordinators from primary and secondary schools Parramatta, Sydney, engage in a workshop activity. The group is considering the leadership capability of relational trust in schools, and how it is a predictor of student success.

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