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Kelvin Whiting -Principal,

Hillcrest High School, Hamilton

"Over the last two

years David and I have

worked together, with David as my coach/mentor, to enhance my capabilities as the pedagogical leader of the school. This work involved a series of one to one coaching meetings, examining and critiquing our school systems, processes and practices that can lead to enhanced student outcomes and achievement. Our work included professional learning with my Senior Leadership Team and middle leaders.  David's experience as a practitioner and his knowledge of current educational leadership practices and literature successfully contributed to my leadership development throughout

this time"

Ngaire Harris - 


Hauraki Plains College, Ngatea

"As a leadership

coach, David Eddy

provides challenging feedback which drives to the heart of an issue. He works in such a way that the intent of our time together is not about giving answers so much as developing my own leadership capacity to solve complex issues. While being responsive to the context and culture of our school, David’s profound understanding of the complexities of schools and of leadership itself comes through time after time"

"We have been so delighted to have David Eddy leading our Educational Leadership Workshops at the University of New South Wales Sydney. He combines Theory, Research and Practice and constructs very engaging learning activities for collaborative interaction. The feedback we receive is outstanding."

Dr Margaret Varady - Coordinator, Office of Educational Leadership, School of Education, University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Coaching feedback:

Sue Walsh - Director of System Learning, Catholic Education

Diocese of Parramatta, Sydney.

"David has made an enormous impact on Catholic Education Parramatta, Sydney. He has given us extraordinary leadership, with wide-reaching effect. Since 2011 he has worked with us on a beginning principals program and an experienced principals program. He has brought integrity, rigour and professionalism to our leadership development programs, with a strong focus on leading teaching and learning to improve student outcomes. The many principals who have participated in these programs consider it a privilege to work with David."

"This has been the best professional development experience about leadership I have ever had. Not only did we (team) learn about leadership but we were supported in implementing the skills in our context. David’s influence has assisted us in getting projects ‘off the ground’ that we may not have done without his input"
Principal, Bathurst 2018
"Our work together and your respectful and persistent guidance has been more valuable than I can express. I will forever be in your debt. It has been a great privilege and honour to work with such a gifted and inspiring educator and leader"
Principal, Parramatta 2017
"I have thoroughly enjoyed, and learnt so much, working with you. Your expertise and generosity of spirit in sharing your experience and knowledge with us has been exceptional"
System Learning Leader, Parramatta 2018
"When I think of an educator and leader who I look up to, your name invariably comes to mind.  Thank you sincerely David for your wisdom and experience which you have shared with me over this past year"
NZ Secondary Principal 2017
"Thank you for this great opportunity for our leadership team to learn with you as our guide. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you this year. The team is always singing your praises and affirming the work we have done together"
Principal, Parramatta 2018
"I really appreciated your guidance in keeping me focussed on the important things and so I didn’t lose my way. I hope you know what a difference you have made to me this year"
Principal, Sydney 2017
Seminar feedback:

"Fabulous to have a presenter of this standard and quality"

Principal, Dubbo 2017

"The whole day was excellent. Thank you for your wonderful input"
School Leadership Team, Dubbo 2017
"Thank you for leading a great workshop. I can’t wait for the next one!"
Assistant Principal, Sydney, 2017

"This has been one of the most effective workshops I’ve ever attended. It was very useful to help us do our work better"

Curriculum Coordinator, Parramatta, November 2016

"Every session was engaging, meaningful and relevant, and offered immediate feedback opportunities"

Assistant Principal, Sydney, October 2016

"Every session was engaging, meaningful and relevant, and offered immediate feedback opportunities"

Assistant Principal, Sydney, October 2016

"A fantastic day, truly! This seminar was excellent, I learnt so much"

Beginning Principal, Sydney, August 2016

"I have never felt more engaged and enlightened in a seminar.  Every word you said David had purpose and meaning.  Thank you David, this was a true blessing in my life"
New Principal, Parramatta, July 2015
"A fantastic, stimulating seminar!"
Participant, Loretto Kirribilli, Sydney, January 2015

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